Worry No More on Lumps That Affect Your Writing! Convenient to Bring Anywhere and Carry When Travel

This Multi-Purpose Classy Notebook combines timeless design and essential versatility. The notebook is a popular choice for everyday use because it has plenty of blank pages for notes, doodles, reflections, and more. The primary, simplistic design of the notebook has a cardboard-bound cover with rounded corners for a polished appearance. The notebook’s durable cover protects the pages while also serving as a convenient writing surface, allowing you to write in the notebook from almost anywhere. In addition, a full-length ribbon affixed to the book serves as a bookmark. Simply place the ribbon between the required pages and return to where you left off when you open the notebook later.

When not in use or transported in a backpack or bag, an attached elastic band extends around the Multi-Purpose Classy notebook from top to bottom, keeping it firmly closed. When it’s time to use the notebook, the adjustable closure slides off and out of the way. For added convenience, the Multi-Purpose Classy classic notebook has an extended inner pocket. Keep stray notes, business cards, receipts, and other small objects in your handy pocket. When empty, the pocket is flat and extends as needed. 

The thread-bound classic notebook has 240 archival-quality pages composed of acid-free paper, which resists light and air damage and ensures long-lasting performance from year to year. Furthermore, the plain pages provide you complete freedom when putting pen to paper. There are no lines to stifle your creativity.

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• 240 blank pages (front and back) in a large traditional notebook for notes, doodles, musings, and more

• Pages constructed of acid-free paper with archival quality resist the light and air damage.

• A polished look is achieved by using a cardboard-bound cover with rounded edges.

• Bookmarks that are integrated

• The elastic closure keeps the notepad closed firmly.

• An expandable inner pocket is 5 by 8.25 inches and can be used to store stray objects.

• Inner pages: 130mm x 208mm; Product Dimensions: 130mm x 210mm

• 50 Sheets=100 Pages

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• ideal for individuals looking for dependable, all-purpose notebooks

• For their quality, these lightweight notebooks are surprisingly affordable.

• Bring out your inner artist and go crazy with the notebook’s design and decoration.

• a plain, unruled notebook that can be used as a planner, sketchbook, or journal

• Choose from khaki or black covers, as well as white or khaki inner pages.

• The notebook comes in A5 and A6 sizes.

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• Easiest to misplace or destroy

• Archiving might be challenging.


You have unlimited flexibility to do whatever you want with the blank page. Also, don’t feel obligated to retain a notepad dedicated to a specific function. To help you get the most enjoyment out of your paper companion: Mix and match whatever you like to fit your needs. If you’re worried about writing on that first frightening page, then achieve perfection and overcoming the first hurdle to using a blank notebook. So take your pen in hand and jot down anything that comes to mind.

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