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email marketing average open rate

The email marketing average open rate is one of the most important indicators to the success or failure of an email marketing campaign. An email marketing campaign that does not receive an average open rate has a very short chance of being successful. Email Marketing is the only method of mass communication that can reach thousands, if not millions of people quickly and effectively. With the rise of spam and Internet threats such as viruses and malware, email marketers must be sure that they are doing everything possible to get as many emails into their subscribers’ inboxes as quickly as possible. This is a great reason why email marketing professionals are so obsessed with this number.

To get an email marketing campaign up and running, it is essential to have an open rate that is high. Many times an email marketing campaign will fail simply because it is not opened by its intended audience. The majority of Internet users do not like forms that ask for sensitive information. When an email marketing professional asks you for your password or other security information, you know that the email marketing campaign is likely to fail.

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An easy way to ensure that your email marketing campaign receives an open rate that is high is to offer freebies to your list. Everyone likes free gifts, especially those that come with no strings attached. Give away a report or eBook for free, or sample your service for a day and then offer them a discount if they sign up for your list. The discount will greatly increase your open rates.

Another thing that can contribute to an extremely high email open rate is the content of the emails themselves. An email marketing professional should always use a good subject line with his or her emails. The subject line is the first thing that a new subscriber sees in an email and is the first thing that will determine whether or not he or she will open the email. Do not send someone’s email without a subject line. If an email marketing specialist does not have one ready for you when you contact him or her, request one from him or her and follow up with it.

Tips From Email Marketing Professionals

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Make sure to keep the tone of your emails consistent. The way that you introduce yourself to a prospect or answer questions about your services is crucial. Having consistent email messages that are pleasant to read and make the prospect feel comfortable will help to increase the email open rate of your list.

One important factor that can contribute to the email marketing success of your company is the frequency of your emails. A popular email marketing professional advises that you should send emails at least once a week to your subscribers. If you only send emails once or twice a week, however, you may find that you are losing valuable subscribers who will stop responding to your emails. So, it is important to keep your email messages timely, informative and relevant.

Another option for email marketing professionals is to use squeeze pages to capture individual emails from prospects. These pages can be set up within minutes and can be customized to include a variety of graphics and text to entice the reader into replying. The squeeze page needs to contain all the necessary information that describes your services. This is often where you will find any sales pitch. You will want to add links to your website as well as a way for the reader to leave their name and email address for future contact.

In The End

Another helpful tool for email marketing professionals is an autoresponder. Autoresponders are automatic responses to emails sent to them. You can set up your autoresponder to deliver a prewritten response to any email that you receive. This can be very effective if you are planning on using email marketing in conjunction with other online strategies.

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