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email service providers

An email service provider is a business which offers bulk email marketing services. The business operators are known as email service providers who are engaged by clients who need email marketing support and products. The businesses offer services like lead generation, email promotion, email campaigns, auto responders, and account management to the clients. The email service providers usually work as a team with the clients and deliver the desired results according to the agreement between the business and the client. The email service providers are online and provide solutions for both small and large scale businesses who seek the help of such professionals in marketing their products and services via email.

Best email service providers


The best email provider is the one that is dependable and helps in delivering your messages instantly. One of the most important things that you should look into when choosing the best email service providers is the kind of communication you wish to have with the clients. This means that if you wish to advertise your product or service worldwide then the best option for you would be the email services with worldwide scope. In addition to this, the email service providers should also be fast in their services.

Search and Evaluate

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This means that their email service should not be slow in its operations. To search for the best providers you can check the reviews of various companies and read the testimonials of the existing clients and users of the email service. You can also check out the statistics of the numbers of emails sent and received by the email accounts of the companies. The email addresses of the companies should also include the domain names of the email accounts.

Some of the top email providers are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, BlackPlanet, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Threelat. If you want to get more information about the email services that are provided by these companies just go through the official website of the company. On this site you will find the list of features that are provided by the company. These features include the sending and receiving of emails, calendar, contacts, VoIP (text-to-speak or voice-over Internet protocol), desktop sharing and internet support. You can use the app of the company which will help you to integrate your Blackberry devices with your IOS devices. The Blackberry browser can be used as an interface for the email services and it is available free of cost.

Types of email service providers

There are two types of email service providers in the world. In this article we will be concentrating only on the end-to-end encryption part of the services. As far as the size of the email service is concerned, some of the providers may not have the ability to provide large email storage space, but then again there are some of them who can provide more than 500 MB of free space. There are some of the providers who have the ability to protect all the emails from being read in bulk while there are others who cannot do so.

In case of the different email service providers, some of the companies may allow you to manage your emails through the HubSpot application while there are others who don’t have this option. It will be better to select a HubSpot based provider as the latter will enable you to manage your emails in a better way. One of the best pros about HubSpot is that it will not keep your emails on its own server but will keep them on its own cloud. When you are using the HubSpot server, all your emails will be synchronized and so you can access them from any place across the world.

Some of the email service providers like Apple and Gmail also have their own in-built virus protection against spammers. But as far as the other email service providers are concerned, it will be good to select them according to their storage capacity and speed. The amount of storage provided by them will be directly related to the number of emails that they can handle at any given time. In addition to that, they should have good spam blocking capabilities in order to prevent the viruses from attacking your system.


One of the major disadvantages of the above mentioned service providers is that their servers do not support the use of the Windows keyboard shortcuts. This means that if you are using one of these email services, you will face difficulties when trying to access your email account. Some of the companies will provide you with instructions on how to change the keyboard shortcuts that you have used. But if you do not know how to change the keyboard shortcuts, you will find it very difficult to navigate through the various options and select the ones that you want. In this regard, the Microsoft outlook is the better choice as it supports all types of the keyboard shortcuts. So, if you want to protect your computer from viruses and spyware, then you should make use of the above mentioned email service providers that will provide you with great ICQ keyboard shortcuts.

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