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content marketing metrics

If you want to know what content marketing metrics are, then you need to know what these things actually measure. First of all, Content Metrics is a special kind of measurement. Content marketing is a marketing technique wherein internet businesses would create original, well-written content for their website or blog. They would submit this content to different article directories and search engines, hoping to draw in as much web traffic as possible. This is why it’s very important to know the basics about this type of measurement.

Bounce Rate On The Topic Of Content Marketing Metrics

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Bounce Rate On the topic of content marketing metrics, the exit rate is also included. This metric allows you to know how many visitors you have had to leave your website or blog. In essence, the exit rate gives you an idea on how many people left your site when they encountered some problems while browsing or when they got bored after reading the content. It is important that you create a high bounce rate since this can be a major cause of lost sales and traffic. The Bounce Rate on the other hand tells you the number of people who got through your pages without even spending a second to move to the next page. As you can see, both exit rate and bounce rates are vital for any online business.

Conversion Rate On The Topic Of Content Marketing Metrics

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Conversion Rate On the topic of content marketing metrics, conversion rate is one of the more general ones. It takes into account how many leads actually turned into sales. In essence, Conversion Rate metrics tell you the number of people who bought a product or service using the help of your marketing efforts. However, unlike the other two, this type of measurement doesn’t usually tell you anything about the customers.

Targeted Traffic Measuring your content marketing metrics with respect to the targeted audience is a very important aspect to look into. You must be able to measure the number of visitors to your site to know if your marketing efforts are working or not. If you want to get an idea of the number of potential clients or buyers in your area, you have to make sure that you are able to include this in your metrics so that you will be able to calculate your ROI (return on investments).


This is another important feature of content marketing metrics that must be measured in order to get a good idea of your conversion rate. When we talk about conversion rate, we are actually talking about the number of visitors who first visited your site and then made an attempt to turn into customers or even leads. The Conversions are helpful in knowing the exact statistics of your traffic so that you can get an idea of whether you need to improve your SEO or not. Moreover, you need to be aware of the fact that there are different types of conversions. There are generic conversions such as just browsing and checking out the site, there are paid conversions such as buying a product or subscribing to a mailing list, and there are individual conversions such as submitting a review for a service or writing a review for a product.

Final Words

Conversion Rate Conversions are important to your online marketing business. These convertions are measured through the number of people that visit your site and then become your customers. By determining your conversion rate, you will be able to measure your marketing campaign’s success. If your marketing campaigns are giving you no results, it is necessary to change your strategies and focus on organic traffic. Organic traffic includes traffic from social networking, directories and the like; all of which are considered as one of the best sources of new leads and conversion rates.

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