Lee Seo-Won – What You Should Know About The History And Lifestyle

lee seo-won

The life of Lee seo-won has been a turmoil. After graduating from High School, he debuted in the film industry and gained love as a high school student character but an infamous incident in 2018 permanently damaged his acting career. Born on 17 February 1997 in South Korea, Lee is a former actor. His acting career was going smoothly when it came out in 2018 that he tried harassing a female actress. Subsequently, a criminal case was registered against him. After that incident, all the projects that were assigned to him were taken away. He was sentenced to one year in jail and suspended for a probation period of two years. He has joined the military services as of now.

Lee seo-won Personal Life

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At the young age of 18 years, Lee seo-won completed high school in 2015. Before going for higher education he took a brief break of 2 years and debuted into the film industry. He graduated from Sejong University in 2017 as a film major.

Career And Filmography

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Lee seo-won debuted in 2015 through the JTBC television series, ‘The Awl’. He gathered a lot of love by playing the role of a college student and further garnered attention for portraying Suzy’s younger brother in ‘Uncontrollably Fond’.

He was cast as the main character in the drama ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in 2017. The director of the drama praised Lee’s performance and predicted that Lee seo-won could be the next Park Bo-gum and Song Joong-ki. He was then cast in a medical romance drama ‘Hospital Ship’ as an oriental doctor for which he was nominated as the Best Actor at the 36th MCB Drama Awards. He has appeared in films like ‘Knocking on the door to heart’ and ‘Man of will’.

Lee seo-won – Harassment And Criminal Intimidation Charges

In May 2016, sexual harassment charges against Lee seo-won became public. It was in the news that he tried to sexually harass and threaten a female celebrity with a weapon. He was charged and investigated in April and then the police sent his case to the prosecution. It was revealed that he was drinking with the female actress when he harassed her. He tried to kiss her but she refused. This infuriated him and he further tried to make coercive physical contact. When the actress couldn’t handle Lee’s inebriated and illicit behavior she called her boyfriend for help. This angered him even more and he threatened her with a knife.

In May 2018, Lee seo-won apologized for his actions while visiting the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office for interrogation. While appearing for his first trial he pleaded guilty in July 2018. his attorney acknowledged his guilt as his DNA was found on the victim’s ear. He was apprehended by the police holding the knife. However, Lee has testified that he doesn’t remember anything from the incident and was under the influence of alcohol. He has pleaded for a lenient sentence due to his retarded mental understanding caused by intoxication. In subsequent trials, the boyfriend of the actress was called and he testified against Lee. His case is being reviewed by the Military High Court.


During the initial investigations, lee remained silent and did not tell his production staff about this, and continued filming. As soon as the news was out, Lee seo-won was pulled out from all the ongoing projects like About Time and Music Book. His career as of now is destroyed and in November 2018 his agency told that Lee has enlisted for the Military to complete the mandatory military service. Such incidents in show business have become a common phenomenon nowadays. This incident highlights many major problems in the film industry. At the same time, it highlighted the ignorance of young individuals towards law and order.

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