How To Get The Most From Your WordPress Blog

Unfortunately many WordPress SEO guides available online are just too advanced for even new users to start. If you’re serious about growing your site traffic, you absolutely have to pay close attention to the best WordPress SEO practices.

Best About WordPress SEO

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First, what exactly is “best” about WordPress SEO? The best way to answer that is to compare it to traditional search engine optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) methods like onsite and offsite link building, meta tags, keyword placement, and other techniques have been used for years to optimize websites for the search engines. WordPress users can take advantage of these older methods in a number of ways. That’s why WordPress users can enjoy some of the benefits of search engine friendly URLs without going through all of the hassles associated with these older SEO methods.

Tips And Tricks To Use WordPress SEO

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WordPress users can make use of their custom themes to create search engine friendly URLs that will work with the major search engines without being tacky. Some WordPress users don’t even bother with the regular URL format for their posts and pages. Instead, they create links that are short and sweet. By doing this, they can ensure that their keywords will work in the search engines. One of the best WordPress seo tips is to find bloggers who have their own sites and engage in a dialog where they can share their experiences with SEO.

Another WordPress tip for optimizing your site with the search engines is to use the regular text post format. You can do this by simply inserting code between the opening quote and the closing quote in your post. This small change will make your article appear more professional and may make it easier for you to crack the top ten search results.

Role Of Search Engines

You may be tempted to use quotes in your URLs but this practice is frowned upon by some search engines. For this reason, you will need to check the spelling of your words and replace them with the proper keywords. This is yet another of the WordPress seo tips that many people forget. Remember to capitalize all of your keyword phrases and make sure that you add spaces between your keywords. By doing so, you will ensure that your SEO friendly url makes it into the search engines and the results page.

One last point to remember when optimizing your WordPress blog is to avoid using yoast seo strategies. These strategies are discouraged in many search engines because they use keywords that are very common and are easy to find. Instead, consider using meta tags or building internal links within the content. By using these WordPress tips and tricks, you will help you achieve top rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Remember that even though you have a great WordPress blog; your web site is not complete unless you have optimized it.

Final Words

Another tip for WordPress seo experts is to remember that it takes time to optimize a website. Using Google’s free keyword tool and seeing how many searches your blog posts get each week is helpful but not a guarantee that your site will be listed on the first page of Google. Using real keywords in your titles, back links, and throughout your blog posts will help search engines like Google understand what your blog post is about. It will then rank your blog posts higher. For more SEO help check out our complete guide on how to optimize your WordPress blog posts.

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