How To Drive Traffic To Your Freelance Email Marketing Home Page

freelance email marketing

Whether you need to let customers know about an event, new product, special promotion, or just maintain your relationship with valued content, it is the ideal way to tell your audience what is happening within your company. And the good news is that email marketing campaigns are cheap, time-saving, and – when done correctly – can bring significant results.

The cost-effective approach to building a responsive mailing list is through freelance email marketing. Unlike traditional, on-premise marketing, freelance writing for businesses does not require upfront costs. Businesses can create a campaign on their own budget, which often allows them to spend more money when it comes to implementing larger, time-consuming efforts.

Easy And Convenient

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In addition to cost-effectiveness, one of the benefits of marketing through freelance email marketing is that it is easy and convenient. Unlike most digital marketing strategies, it can be implemented at any time. When done properly, companies can begin sending out emails to their valued customers almost instantly. Once a relationship is established, digital marketing strategies such as these can become increasingly effective.

Freelance email marketing is also an effective way for business owners to boost brand recognition. The reach of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter has expanded dramatically in recent years. And with many consumers relying on these websites to research their purchases, businesses stand to benefit greatly from using this powerful online advertising medium. A carefully designed campaign can draw hundreds, even thousands, of new leads every day.

Creating Effective Email Content

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But creating effective email content is just the first step. After that, there are a number of other factors that need to be considered. One of the most important considerations is what type of content will be most beneficial. Many freelancers and digital marketing experts offer a variety of different services, but the goal remains to produce high quality content that is appealing to readers and imparts information that will help clients.

Of course, one of the biggest benefits of using digital channels to communicate with new customers and improve brand recognition is the automation that can be achieved. One of the primary advantages of employing automation is that it provides a highly effective way for businesses to save time and money. Freelance email marketing experts can easily set up automatic follow-ups, auto-responders and even automated surveys.

Automating The Follow-Up Process

By automating the follow-up process, a freelance email marketing expert can also reduce the amount of time that a marketer spends contacting each prospect. Instead, these professionals can leave prospects on hold while the next step of the sales process occurs. This significantly reduces the costs associated with making cold calls. Even if a marketer does not want to invest in the cost of purchasing automated follow-ups, the opportunity cost of not leaving calls unanswered is nearly impossible. For example, an automated follow-up might be more effective than a cold call because it does not require the marketer to spend valuable time finding a potential customer.

One final consideration is the effectiveness of the freelance marketer’s sales techniques. No matter how well a freelance copywriter knows his or her own work, the ability of a marketer to create compelling subject lines and titles will have a huge impact on whether or not the email copy generates high click-through rates. High click-through rates are indicative of successful campaigns because they indicate that the content provided was of great value to readers.

High Level Marketers

High level marketers recognize the importance of email marketing. However, for the average freelance marketer, drip campaigns represent a barrier to entry for this extremely profitable revenue stream. Drip campaigns typically require marketers to acquire new leads or subscribers in order to build relationships that will sustain them over the long term. Although the cost of acquisition can be minimized, this strategy does not allow for the flexibility needed to tailor the content supplied to individual prospects.

In addition, these campaigns are difficult to fine tune for optimal performance. Marketers must rely on guesswork and trial and error in order to fine tune their campaigns. Many marketers have discovered that the best way to learn how to fine tune an email marketing campaign is to use the lessons learned by other marketers. By taking notes on the successes and failures of previous campaigns, marketers gain valuable insight into the mistakes that often cause campaigns to fail. These lessons translate into a high degree of success for their future campaigns.

Final Words

Freelance email copywriters also need to focus on creating effective subject lines. Subject lines establish the tone and direction of a campaign, as well as the value that prospective subscribers will receive if they follow the link contained in the email copy. Effective subject lines allow marketers to create an emotional connection with prospects, resulting in higher click-through rates and higher conversion rates.

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