How To Create A Content Marketing Blog That Has Good Reads

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From time to time, you will see an article like this, “Content Marketing Tips #20: Writing Great Content That Will Drive Organic Traffic to Your Site!” Hey, isn’t that just what you are looking for? Well, you bet it is and here’s why. There is a lot more to writing great content than meets the eye and what I mean by that is, content marketing can be as simple as this, “Hey, I have a great writing style and an easy way to drive traffic to my site, would you like a chance to write an article about it?” Or, “I have a content marketing blog, would you like to contribute something meaningful to my business?” It really does not matter what kind of content marketing blog you are looking for because I guarantee, if you’re looking for a content marketing blog, you are already on the right track!

Concept Of SEO


If you’re into internet marketing, you have probably heard of SEO, or search engine optimization. This is a crucial aspect of content marketing because it basically means that your content will be ranked in the top 10 results for your selected keywords. If your content is high ranked, then people will see you and will be able to find out what kind of products and services you’re offering. If your content is low ranked, then you might get some traffic but mostly this traffic will likely be people who are searching for information on the topic. You must understand that in order for your content marketing blog to work, you must have good content!

Get More Audience By Syndicating Your Blogs

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Aside from this, content marketing blogs also help you get more eyeballs by syndicating your blogs across the internet. The easiest way to get more eyeballs for your content marketing blog is to submit your content to popular blogging sites like Digg, Reddit, WordPress, etc. There are many other popular blogging sites out there but these are the most popular blogs on the web. What makes Digg and Reddit so popular is that people will actually vote on your blog posts, whether they like or dislike it. This means that if your content appeals to a large percentage of people on a popular blog site, then you’ll be seeing incredible traffic flowing into your site.

Never Rely Only On Comments

Now, back to creating content marketing blog posts that will give you the best chance at creating brand awareness. In internet marketing, you cannot rely solely on the comments left at the blog itself. This is why RSS feed submissions are so popular. With an RSS feed, readers can subscribe to your blog via an e-mail, which means that every time there is a new post, your content marketing will receive an automatic ping. However, even this is not enough to gain brand recognition.

If you really want to build brand awareness through a content marketing blog, then you need to go beyond the simple links and comments. Some bloggers who have found instant success have included a giveaway in each of their posts, like an eBook or a free report. This is a great way to show your readers that you value them and want to give them something useful. These same principles hold true with using other free content marketing tools, like video blogs, podcasting and interviews.

Final W

Finally, it’s important that you use social media and content marketing to connect with your audience over a long term basis. If you only have a few followers or simply set up a page with no content, you might not be able to maintain a long term relationship with your audience. It is better to give your followers helpful and quality content, and give the audience something of value in return. If you do this consistently, you will find that over the long term, you will have a loyal audience that will eagerly recommend your blog and help to promote your company.

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