How To Choose An Email Marketing Agency

email marketing agency

Realize that there are so many types and kinds of email marketing agencies out there. It definitely helps to first understand the sort of agency you’re looking for.

Interested In A Digital Marketing Company

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For example, you could be interested in a digital marketing company that provides social media strategies or you may prefer to work with a non-traditional lead generation firm. Digital marketing encompasses everything from banner ads, search engine optimization, paid inclusion, online analytics and more. Lead generation, meanwhile, can include anything from cold calling to lead generation lists, direct mail, telemarketing and more. However, it’s the content behind the emails that sets companies apart. Therefore, it makes sense to work with a professional email marketing agency that focuses on your specific needs.

So what do you need from your email marketing agency? First of all, you need to understand how your business works and what you want from an email program. In other words, you need to have a clear understanding of your audience and what will help them most, whether it’s through lead generation tracking or email deliverability. Most email programs won’t perform well if they’re not optimized for your industry. That means finding an email marketing agency that understands your industry and then working with them to help develop a campaign based on it.

Next, you want to see proof of results. As a consumer in search of an email marketing agency, you should be able to call them up and ask for examples of their work and how long the campaign has taken. Not all email marketers have these sorts of customer service capabilities available to them.

Track Records And Results

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Lastly, you want to look at track records and results. This is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing who you want to work with. An email marketing agency that has worked on campaigns for big brand names like McDonalds will likely not do so well for you. Look for email experts that have worked for small businesses as well as large brands – if they’ve worked for large brands, they’ve probably worked for medium to smaller businesses as well.

Email marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to simply handling your brand communications, they may also help with pay-per-click advertising campaigns, web analytics and lead capture. Some specialize in paid online ads while others offer services such as link building and content networks. In addition to selecting the best email marketing agency possible, you’ll need to make sure that they have the right mindset.

An email marketing agency should have a culture that matches your business. Ask yourself how you feel when you walk into a law firm or a bank. Do you have a sense of ease when you enter these establishments? Your email marketing agency should have a similar feel. Make sure that your representatives are polite yet professional; respond to emails in a timely and respectful manner regardless of whether they’re from potential clients or current ones.


The final consideration for choosing the best email marketing agency is whether they work to get you the most out of the limited space that they have available for email marketing campaigns. If you’re looking to save money and limit the number of emails that you send, use a landing page builder. If you’re looking to improve your overall conversion rates (which can be determined by click-through rates), use a creative lead capture page. A good marketing agency will strive to make all of these work for you. They won’t promise you success, but they will guarantee that whatever method you decide to use for your email marketing campaigns, it’s going to help you achieve measurable results.

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