Guide To Getting The Best Of Reddit Affiliate Marketing

reddit affiliate marketing

Reddit is one of the top sites in the world, with millions of active users and numerous forums. After creating an account, you can submit contents to your community of interest in the form of text posts, images or links. Your submitted content then gets voted up or down by other users, according to relevance.

However, how do you make the most of Reddit to promote your products? Here comes Reddit affiliate marketing with which you can generate traffic to your products, or even your website. To get the best of affiliate marketing, you need to follow some steps, so you won’t go beyond the barrier allowed by Reddit, hence getting your account suspended. Hence, we discuss the guide to getting the best of Reddit affiliate marketing.

Promotion Through Link Submission

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It is fairly easy to promote your products bg sharing affiliate links. Obviously to do this, you’ll need to create a Reddit profile. With your profile, you’ll select the link submission option, where you’ll then submit your affiliate link. However, do make sure that the subreddit you select is related to your product niche.

Reddit does suspend profiles due to spamming, so it’ll be in your best interest to avoid spamming. Post just 3 to 5 affiliate links in a day; posting a lot of links may be regarded as spamming.

Promotion Through Posts With Link Submission

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This method of product promotion is just like the normal link submission discussed above. The difference is that you not only post the affiliate link with this method, you put up a short description of the product to which you’ll then attach the link. Like the previous method, you should select a subreddit relating to your product niche. Also, you should avoid spamming as your account may get suspended. A few texts with links submission will do per day.

Promotion On Specific Subreddits

So far, this is the best way of promoting affiliate products on Reddit. Determine the subreddits and communities relevant to your product niche and join some of them. To find the relevant forums, type your product niche keywords into the Reddit search bar, then click search. You’ll get a list of forums, each with different active members. You can join most of these communities, where you can then share your product affiliate link.

However, you don’t just start posting links on every forum as this is regarded as spamming. Instead, contribute to the forums with help posts or links. You can then start sharing your product links with images or texts. You should note, however, that your posts may get flagged by forum owners as these forums are not opened to promotional link sharing. So, instead of posting your affiliate links, you may contribute to these forums as much as you can, then share your product review links.


There are different methods you can use to promote your affiliate products on Reddit. However, you need to know the right step to take to avoid getting your posts flagged, or even your account suspended. Hence, we discuss the guide to getting the best of Reddit affiliate marketing.

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