Get Smart And Thorough About Your Email Marketing Statistics

email marketing statistics

Did you know that email marketing actually makes money? For every dollar you spend on email marketing you can surely expect an average return of almost $ 42. This is a much higher return than you could possibly expect from any other type of marketing other than direct email. So, while there are so many advantages to using email marketing it is the one that continues to keep you afloat.

Digital Media Marketing

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If you have a business that uses email marketing then you know that your sales are increasing every day. But what do you know about the people who are buying the products that you sell? Do you really know what makes them buy? This is where the power of digital media marketing comes into play. Email marketing statistics tell you about the buyers of your product.

Social Media Channels

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The power of social media lies in its ability to reach audiences that you would not normally reach. You can find your market using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These are places where millions upon millions of people go to socialize. You just need to provide your audience with information about your products or services and you can be sure that you will reach audiences who are interested. Unlike traditional media, which requires expensive studios to set up shop, social media allows you to reach audiences at a fraction of the cost. All you need to do is create a profile for your company on these sites, promote yourself and your products, and then send your customers an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Statisitcs

Another thing to take note of is email marketing statistics which show you the success rate of your emails. For example, if you were sending out thousands of emails per day then you would want to know how effective your campaigns are. One way to track this success is to see which keywords are generating the most traffic. E-mail marketers who use the right tools like Google Analytics can see which keywords are bringing in the most revenue. If you were sending out cheap emails that only provided vague information, then it’s unlikely that anyone will read them.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is also important. By learning about how to capture and close a lead, marketers can increase their success. An email marketing statistics report can reveal how many of your promotional emails have been opened and clicked on. Knowing about lead generation also shows you which promotional emails are generating the most revenue for your company. So knowing your return on investment (ROI) can help you make better decisions regarding your promotional emails. You want to send emails that engage and convert your leads because those are the leads you want to keep.

Make It Clear And Precise

Another thing to look at when looking at email marketing statistics is the visual content of the emails. Many marketers are guilty of overloading an email campaign with a large amount of text content, but that’s just not helpful. A well-designed email campaign should provide clear instructions, show the customer what they’re purchasing and let them know why they need it. Visual content doesn’t have to be a text box full of random characters; in fact, you might find that a graphic image or video might be more helpful in engaging and attracting customers.

The opinion of The Subscribers

E-mail marketers should also pay close attention to what subscribers say about their experiences with particular emails. A good indicator of how effective a campaign is how many people who receive a particular email are telling others about it. This data can be very useful because it shows how responsive a product or service is to its users. It can also provide insight into how lead generation and segmented campaigns are doing. By studying how responses to marketing emails vary, marketers can fine-tune their campaigns in order to generate more sales and revenue.


By studying how various factors affect customer retention and response, business professionals can learn how to increase revenue by making their businesses more efficient and effective. With the help of B2B email marketing statistics, business owners will be able to see which segments of their businesses need better attention and which marketing messages resonate with potential clients. With these findings, they can then use segmentation and other techniques that will increase customer retention and engagement.

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