Free Email Marketing Tools – Top 4 Tools That Can Save Your Money Initially

free email marketing tools

Marketing is that prominent method that helps you with your business. But over time, the marketing procedures changed. This modern era demands fast-paced promotional activity. So, have you given a thought to free email marketing tools? Here is a list of free email marketing tools which gets you covered. So, without any more delay let’s get to the chase with-

Choice Number One: HubSpot Email Marketing

email marketing

It s stands to be the best in marketing automation programs. With its recent launch of free email marketing tools that evidently support several small business transactions, is doing great. Besides, offering user ease of compatibility, it has a drag and drop visual editor, ready-made templates, and more to avail from. The moment you make your account in HubSpot user gets the permission to use tools for building a centralized contact database, then organize the same for managing and then tracking the email base.

Choice Number Two: Sender


This choice of free email marketing tools offers users an assurance of deliverability. It helps the user to create a newsletter(no need for HTML). Choose from the variety of templates and there you go with your choice in hand. Users get the access to customize the same with text, videos, and images. They also get the facility of customization varying from client to client to add a professional touch. 

Choice Number Three: Sendinblue

To be precise, it is a marketing communication platform that also has free email marketing tools to help you out. Other than this, it also features customer relationship management and landing page creation. The service comes loaded with 70 options of template design hence users can choose from the lot to design and put a professional impact over its client base with ease. Moreover, you can take a look at the preview before choosing any from the lot. Once you are done with choosing your template you can avail yourself features such as A/B testing coupled with a sent receipients list.

Choice Number Four: Omnisend

This is an eCommerce marketing platform which puts together all the communication platform in one place. Its free plan only includes sending emails. This is however sufficient to promote the small and big size businesses. This tool helps users to automate email delivery using behavioral triggers. In addition, this tool also times your communication on the grounds of users’ customer’s convenience. Users can take advantage of audience insight for sending in more relevant email marketing messages. 

Also, you can design your newsletter with some good interesting features like the Product Picker. With this option, you can select your choice of products that you want to incorporate in your email. Users get the option to add coupon codes, scratch cards along with gift boxes which helps in optimizing the email performances. 


Well, these are the top 4 choices of free email marketing tools. These are not only convenient in this new era but also clearly helps you with your business. Try choosing the perfect choice to enhance your business platform  anytime soon with the above-given options. 

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