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best email marketing platforms

This platform helps you track all your campaign statistics, get instant feedback from your leads and measure the success of each campaign. However, before choosing the best platform for you, it is important to know your requirements first. For instance, it is possible for you to create your own platform if you have enough IT skills and experience but this option is rarely offered by most companies. Therefore, if you have no experience of setting up an email marketing platform, you should buy a ready-made one which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Before buying a platform you should compare its features and the price. The most important thing to consider is the price as it reflects the complexity of the platform. Most platforms offer templates so that you can start building your email marketing campaigns without any difficulty. There are usually three templates available on most platforms: light, medium and heavy. Each template will help you build your email marketing campaigns in the way that you want.

The Test Of Different Email Content Features

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The second most important thing to consider is the test of different email content features. Email campaigns are typically built with content from a variety of sources. Therefore, you should be able to test the ability of the platform to handle emails from the different sources. Some platforms offer full integration with third party services such as Google AdWords and Microsoft ad Center. However, most of the time these services don’t have direct integration so you have to test the ability of the platform to read and deliver emails from these services. You should also test its automation capabilities by sending different tests to different contacts on the platform to ensure that your emails are delivered to your contacts.

Another important feature to consider is the tracking and testing of email campaigns. With some email marketing services you can easily track your email campaigns in real time. This means that you will be able to analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns and measure its success. It will also allow you to make quick adjustments to improve your campaigns.


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Testosterone is another important feature that you should look for when looking for email marketing platforms. The quality of your emails will be higher if your emails are well-designed, contain relevant keywords and our optimized for the search engines. The best email marketing platforms will let you test your campaigns before you spend money on them so that you can make appropriate changes if need be.

Finally, you should be able to use all the features of the platform easily. The last thing you need while running your email marketing campaigns is to spend extra time on setting up and tweaking your strategy. Some email marketing platforms are more difficult to set up than others but still offer a better solution. Some platforms allow you to create and store data from your campaigns while others require minimal configuration.

Automatically Email Send The Right Campaigns To Your Subscribers

For more complicated email marketing campaigns, it is better to choose email marketing platforms that will automatically email send the right campaigns to your subscribers. You can also run split testing and track your campaign statistics with these tools.

It is important to note that the price of an email marketing service will vary according to the number of features it offers. Most businesses choose to use one platform to run all their email marketing campaigns. However, this might not be viable for every business. Therefore, if your budget is tight you might want to consider using several email marketing platforms.


Some email marketing services include everything you need to start, such as templates for newsletters and auto responder. Other services offer a free trial period of up to 14 days and then charges you after that. It is recommended to choose a service that charges a low monthly fee and gives you lots of options and features to customize your campaign. After that, it is recommended to buy a hosted reseller account where you can have maximum control over your campaign without installing any complicated backend software.

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