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HUBSPOT ACLESS: EMAIL Marketing With HubSpot is another excellent source for learning to assemble a truly professional email marketing effort. The program provides a six-week training course, which can be helpful in the professional world. There are several versions of this course, with one version being more detailed than the others.

The most comprehensive version of this course includes an eight-step process that teaches not only how to write compelling emails that encourage responses, but also how to structure and use a complete marketing campaign, from design to distribution. This course is recommended for both new and experienced marketers and can be quite helpful.

Euro Plus

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Email Marketing Tools EU is another great online course that comes free with your email marketing tools. This four-part online course offers step-by-step instructions on how to build an email marketing strategy that’s successful.

It covers everything from choosing a subject line to writing the body of the email itself. Part four of this four-part course comes free with the subscriber’s upgrade to HubSpot.


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Creating Email Marketing Campaigns with Serena FX This online course teaches you the fundamentals of email marketing campaigns and what you need to know to become successful. Part one of the four-part online course, this part focuses on how to build an email list.

Part two examines email marketing campaigns and how you can best use email campaigns to attract prospects. Part three examines how you can use email marketing campaigns to boost conversion rates. Finally, part four discusses methods for tracking the success of your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Training Courses From Big Brang

This is a course designed to teach people how to create killer campaigns and increase conversion rates through email marketing automation. The email marketing automation course from BIG BRANG discusses the best ways to write effective emails, capture emails from prospects, and send emails in bulk for massive results.

The four-day course also offers helpful insights into how other marketers have increased their lists and increased revenue through email campaigns.

Courage Plus

Building a Great Subscriber List is the second course in the series of four-day email courses from Coachco. This email marketing course teaches you how to write emails that encourage subscribers to opt-in to your list and how you can help your subscribers make the decision to subscribe.

This email course also helps you understand how you can create unique landing pages that encourage subscribers to opt-in to your list. In part three, you’ll learn about choosing the best content for your subscribers and how you can write compelling headlines so that you help your subscribers decide whether or not to subscribe.

Click Formed

This fourth course from Coachco focuses on how to write powerful email marketing messages. You’ll learn the ins and outs of writing a great email message and how to create a compelling copy that’s capable of increasing sales and reducing your cost per lead. Included in the videos for this email marketing course are four email campaigns that you’ll review.

Each campaign has been carefully constructed and is accompanied by detailed screenshots. You’ll also get valuable tips about building autoresponders, how to write powerful headlines, and how to use a clickpathic campaign to drive potential subscribers to your offer.

Email Management

This fifth course in the email marketing training series from Coachco teaches you how to use email management tools to streamline your sales process and increase your response rate.

The five-day course also gives you a useful insight into what subscribers are looking for and how you can provide something unique to them that they’re looking for. Included in the videos for this email marketing training are examples of different email marketing tools and how they can be used to streamline your sales process. You’ll learn how to use capture pages, build a newsletter subscriber list, and how to keep your emails organized so it’s easy to find what you need.


These are just some of the topics covered in the latest email marketing course from Coachco. They have received rave reviews from industry insiders and clients alike for their affordable price. If you’re ready to begin taking control of your business using email marketing tools, this may be the perfect email marketing course for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to set up a highly successful business using the email marketing tools you already have at your disposal.

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