Email Marketing Best Practices – How to Make the Most of Your Campaign

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Email Marketing Best Practices may seem obvious, but are not at all common practice. If you have not yet established email marketing campaigns, then you are probably wondering what is the point of it. It seems to be a very simple task; just create a product, write some product descriptions and send them out! The real challenge comes from keeping these messages both interesting and informative while still managing to keep the reader on board.

Things You Should Avoid

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Avoid Using “No Reply” in the subject line. Stick to fewer than 3 typefaces. Keep the email preview pane neat and tidy. Always include an email signature with a call-to-action.

The most common email marketing best practices revolves around avoiding the use of SPAM. One email marketing golden rule is to avoid using the standard MSG or SMTP header for subject lines. This header is often used as a loophole to circumvent spam filters and deliver non-relevant content to readers. Don’t use these headers in any form. Don’t use a standard outlook on file for email marketing either.

Use A Valid Email Address

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Do use a valid email address for every piece of promotional content. Don’t use the same email address for various promotional pieces. Make sure to vary the preview text and use different conditional statements in order to draw the user’s attention.

You also need to vary your subject line and other promotional pieces for different audiences. For example, don’t use the same subject line for an email marketing list as you might for an opt-in page on your website. Use different variations on your subject line for different audiences. This gives your prospects an opportunity to know more about what you have to offer. When you send out emails, be sure to put your contact information at the bottom of the email so that your recipients can contact you immediately.

Use The Appropriate Language 

Be sure to use the appropriate language for your digital marketing. Your email subject line needs to be professional, clear, and concise, but don’t overdo it with exclamation marks or words like “buy now”. Try to stay away from using technology in your subject line. It may sound like a good idea, but your recipients probably won’t think so after receiving your email.

In order to maintain a healthy email campaign, it’s vital that you constantly clean your mailing list consistently. Cleaning your list means removing dead addresses and duplicate content, unsubscribing users who don’t follow your emails, and setting up automatic email notifications for important emails. To maintain a healthy marketing campaign, you should clean your emails at least two times each week.

Bottom Lines 

Finally, don’t forget about your subject line. The subject line is one of the most important parts of any email, as it will decide whether or not someone opens your email. Avoid long, drab subject lines, and instead, come up with a creative, interesting subject line that makes a point. One thing that many subscribers and buyers do is type in the term they want to find on the product they are looking for, so be sure to include the term in your subject line to allow recipients to subscribe to your newsletter.

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