Comparison Between Text Message Marketing to Email Marketing


Since the birth of Internet, people have started using email marketing as an effective tool for your marketing strategy. Before email marketing, SMS marketing was prevalent, although, its importance has grown exponentially in the past decade. Both email marketing and SMS marketing play a crucial role in the way they deliver information to the customer. If you are confused about which mode of marketing is better, then the following comparison will help you make an informed decision.

Comparing Email Marketing to SMS Text Message Marketing

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  • Opening Rate

Consumers today are very distracted. Most of us have got the habit of browsing our phones while watching TV or checking mails while listening to podcast. Whether our multi-tasking ability has increased or our concentration span has decreased, but it has become more difficult for a marketer to grab the attention of its customer. Text messaging, on the other hand, has an increased attention span. It has an average opening rate of 98% when compared to the 20% opening rate of an email. Text messages are also replied within 90 seconds while people take 90 minutes or more to reply to an email. Text messaging never lost its importance.

  • Deliverability
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It is easy to opt in or opt out of an SMS marketing campaign and so, as a marketer, you can get only a list of customers who are interested. But marketing emails have larger lists and are sent more frequently. People easily take them as spam mails and put them in their junk mail folder without even reading. 40% of emails are sent to spam folder and so with emails, you need to work hard in order to get your message across. An average person receives around 120 emails in a day and only 67 texts in one day, which makes the importance of texts more.

  • Cost

When it comes to the cost factor, depending upon the country policies, the cost of SMS messages are higher than that of sending emails. Email marketing is a cost effective method of sending sensitive messages to a larger audience. You can also customize your emails and send them to your customers without having to pay a large sum.

  • Click Through Rate

The click through rate of both SMS and emails are different, but it depends upon the call to action message written. The click through rate of an email is around 4% which includes that the email was opened and the customer followed the link provided based upon your CTA. In text message, the call to action is tough to craft because it is limited to 160 characters only. Since, the only motive behind both the types of marketing is only to lure the customers to act on the offer, the link is an important asset. Customers have a higher chance of following a branded link. 

  • Customization

Email has more power and capacity to be customized when compared to SMS text messages because of the limited space and characters in the latter. Emails have the ability to be personalized. Emails let you add attachments, videos, images and hyperlinks and gives you more freedom to customize your messages and fully connect with the audience as a brand, right from the colors you use, to your specific font or pattern, use of images, gifs or videos. 

The clever way of marketing is to use both emails and SMS messages in your overall marketing strategy. You need to weigh the costs and benefits of each and then come up with your own strategy. Email marketing can be used slowly to build relationships and to communicate complex information while text messages should be used for communicating urgent messages or sending quick reminders and updates.

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