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Email Writing Format: An email is a way to generate, send, gather and receive information via the electronic communication system. Now you will learn about how to write a formal email. The means to obtain the standard email has been detailed here. Students can grasp how to compose this essay in a formal email.

What Is Email? 

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Email stands for email. It is the best way to communicate, as it is cheaper and faster. It is used both formally and semi-formally as well as informally. The email can be written in two ways:

• Formally

• Informally

Email Writing Format

The email format is also available for each category. Although the choice of words and phrasing depends on the type of email. You can use informal and friendly writing in informal emails. In formal emails, the wording used should be professional, accurate, and proper.

The key steps to write the email are:

• Line of subject

• Salutation

• Mail body 

• Signature

Formal Writing Format for Email

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This section contains an email for business communication or professional use. The formal emails are addressed to any official department, school management, company, or officers. Some of the standard email commands include correct and proper words, the goal of composing emails, clarity, appropriate greetings, and closing.

Let us send a formal email for a letter of resignation.

To: To: (Mail id of the recipient)



Subject: Letter of resignation

Little sir,

I am writing this email to inform you that I am with this organization leaving my position. I have to give a one month notice before leaving according to the company standard. Over this period, I hope you will get a suitable replacement for me.

I appreciate very much the possibilities you gave me and helped me improve. Would you and the firm in the future be the best?

Informal Sample Writing Email

This section contains an email addressed to any friend, family member, or relatives. The courteous, cordial, casual practice, and suitable greetings and closures are some of the rules of informal emails.

Suppose we have to write your friends an invitation to a birthday celebration in the email, then the sample is:

To: To: (Email of the recipient)

CC/BCC: BCC: (If you need to add more recipients)

Subject: Birthday invitation


I hope you will locate this mail in a long time. On Jan 03 in XYZ Hotel, I am happy to invite you to my birthday party from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. The birthday party’s theme is ‘Cinderella.’

It’d be great if you come and join us at the party. We’re going to have a great time together and have fun.

Soon See You

(Your name) (Your name)


You may not have expertise in sending formal emails, but it is crucial to do so correctly if you have to compose one. It’s not tough to write a standard email when you know what to do.

A formal email is very different from an informal one. There is a correct structure, layout, and tone for a standard email.

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