Best Free Email Marketing Tools You Can Get Your Business On Track

free email marketing tools

But email marketing tools do not always need to be pricey. In fact, you can get lots of free email marketing tools to help you save money and time. Here are some helpful tips:

One Way To Free Email Marketing Tools

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One way to free email marketing tools can make your life easier is by allowing marketers to test their emails before they’re offered for sale. The reason that most marketers like these tools is that they let them see the response rate of their emails before investing in a paid plan. If it’s not showing a strong response rate, then there may be some need for changes. This is especially true with landing pages. With paid plans, most marketers will use split testing to test different layouts. However, with a free plan, marketers have no idea if their landing page is doing well or not.

A free email marketing tool that marketers may want to consider investing in is a tracking tool. Tracking tools allow marketers to measure the effectiveness of their email campaigns. You can find lots of helpful tools on the internet to help you track all your campaigns. The beauty of these tools is that you can determine how effective particular email campaigns are.

Free Email Marketing Tools

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Another tool that marketers may want to consider investing in is free email marketing tools like a hubspot email automation platform. Hubspot is a great platform because it lets you easily create a landing page, set up a campaign, and even handle the distribution of the emails. Once your campaigns are running, all you have to do is set up a series of auto responders. The auto responders can be custom made according to your company’s brand image. And since you can manage your campaigns from your dashboard, you don’t have to stay stuck at the computer.

Constant Contact

The last free email marketing tools we are going to discuss here is Constant Contact. Constant Contact is another email platform that allows marketers to manage and streamline their email campaigns. Constant Contact works great for both solo and business operators. It gives marketers a way to automate their campaigns while maintaining direct contact with their customers.

What Do You Need To Do To Boost Your Business?

So now that you have your email service platform, what do you need to do to boost your business? There are plenty of things that marketers should do in order to increase sales. Some of the more important ones include: sending emails on a regular basis, creating constant contact with the customers, and monitoring the campaigns. All of these things are done through the email marketing platform. So, what are the best things to add in your platform? Here are some of the most recommended things to integrate into your platform:


Another best feature that is offered by all three service providers is transactional email marketing platform. Transactional email platforms are the backbone of any serious online business. It allows you to manage, segment, and send bulk email messages to a specific list of subscribers. A good transactional email platform allows you to build relationships with your subscribers so that you can promote new products and services as well as email your existing customers. You can have your own custom email list that is segmented according to the needs of your clients.

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