Best Email Marketing Solutions and Strategies

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ROI has proved that email marketing has a potential of 4400% success and is the most powerful medium for sending newsletters, promotional mails, offers and updates. But many people use its potential in the negative way and this creates a lot of misuse and misunderstanding. Email marketing has been one of the first modes of marketing via the internet. The number of emails sent keeps growing every year and 2016 saw a 28% splurge in emails sent when compared to 2015. It has today become a powerful tool that customers like to use for communicating with their brands. Here are some of the best email marketing strategies that will give you definite success. To integrate email marketing as your most powerful advertising tool, you can use the following strategy.

Email Marketing Strategies

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Some of the most commonly used and popular email marketing strategies are mentioned below. These are designed by expert marketeers and they have seen a great and successful response. Here is what you can do:

  • Make your emails actionable

It is a good idea to directly connect your emails to a contact’s actions. End you mails with a good CTA and follow-ups later to ensure that your emails have turned leads to sales. CTA mails connected with your buying link generally have more value that general informative blogs and newsletters. 

To encourage engagement, “Always add a verb in the subject heading to get your subscribers in the mindset of taking ACTION. Also, don’t forget to add the P.S. for skimmers.” — Maria Lloyd

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  • Maintain a One-to-One ratio

If you use too many CTAS in just one email, it can overwhelm the reader. As quoted by Neil Kristianson, “A good rule of thumb to follow is One email — one action. You can’t ask someone to do 10 things in an email and expect them to do any of them.”

If you focus per email, you make your contact feel more personal and connected. Consultant Ali A. Alqhtani says, “I always tell clients to keep it real. Keep it simple. And really just talk to your list with intent, and make it conversational.”

  • Make your Emails Engaging and Readable

The average office employee receives on an average 121 emails a day. Readers tend to give more importance to emails that have a more personal connect. 

Charles Musselwhite recommends that you, “Start by pretending you are writing to a good friend, not a list or a business, but a living breathing person that enjoys your company. In other words, don’t just email when you need something or want to make a sale. Be helpful. Be generous. Be friendly. Be like a real friend.”

All these strategies can help you use your emails marketing to the best of their potential. Try using one or two of them for your company’s advertisement and see the results.

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