Affiliate Marketing For Dummies – Start With The Basics


Affiliate marketing is one of the basic aspects of earning money online and it is a win-win situation wherein both parties do the same. Following this, you would need to promote and publicize your channel well to get more views, subscribers, and subsequently, higher commissions for each product bought through your recommendations.  

Email Usage

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Bulk emails have become the most important means of marketing nowadays. Due to the demand, sending out bulk emails is becoming tough and expensive. To combat this issue, we need to find out a smart SMTP Service provider. Pepipost is another useful tool to send bulk emails. You can either use the SMTP relay software or the Web API. The user can select the mode of sending emails and then the software will take care of the functionalities. The email reaches the inbox all the time. 

Here are some features to know.

● You can integrate Pepipost with whichever application you are working on. 

● The coding part will be taken care and the readymade plugins serve the right purpose.

● Pepipost is easy to configure and use. The software provides a secure environment with SSL and TLS Encryption. This ensures no data breach occurs. 

● You can avail of cashback for each email that is opened. This will be deducted from the billing cycle as a discount.

● You can avail yourself of a free plan for up to 30000 emails in a month. You don’t have to provide any credit card details. 

● You can switch plans whenever you wish.

● The pricing for plans starts from $15 for sending around 100,000 emails per month.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

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Doing YouTube affiliate marketing can prove to be very beneficial and earn you great money if done right. Some prime benefits that come with being a successful affiliate marketer on YouTube, other than it being a convenient method to earn money are as follows. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is easier for videos as more than half the results of searches on Google are links to videos, most of which are on YouTube.

Tips to Ensure Better Profits

There do exist a few risks that come with deciding to do YouTube affiliate marketing. Use the Provided Shortening Software: One must always opt to use the link shortening software that is provided by the merchants of the affiliate program you are in, instead of other private link shortening software. You have to be focused on how well you are associated with certain brands. If you would like to establish their presence with different brands, then you have to focus on been associated with popular sites like Amazon, Ebay, and so on.


Becoming an affiliate marketer on YouTube can prove to be a great investment of your time and revenue as once your channel is established, you would have a steady source of income. Establishing your channel is simple enough in that the content you create must be good and updated regularly. Thus, affiliate marketing on YouTube is a convenient method to earn money.  

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