Affiliate Marketing Books For Beginners

affiliate marketing books

Want to know the real truth about affiliate marketing books? There really aren’t many good affiliate marketing books. Most of the ones that were doing research for that said that all the great books on this subject were written by self-employed Affiliate Marketing book authors for really cheap (darn poor affiliate marketers selling their own books). It turned out that the reason they were writing their book wasn’t so much to teach you the secrets of being an affiliate but to get some money from Amazon and then give you the keys to make your own super affiliate business.

Know The Good

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So, which ones are good? There are a few good affiliate marketing books. The two most famous are The Secret by Mark Smith and Napoleon Hill, the latter of which had a huge influence on online marketers for years to come. However, these books pale in comparison to today’s top affiliate marketing books. They are The E-Myth Revisited and Social Media Power. Here are my recommendations.

The E-Myth Revisited

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This is an outstanding look at how affiliate marketers used old myths to justify the new marketing realities. Authors Michael Gerber and Andrew Cooper revisit many old myths that once served well. For example, they take apart the idea that Google’s AdWords is a scam (it isn’t) and show why it is still a valid marketing tool. They also point out that the idea that social media is a scam is completely false and no longer holds water. These authors have done a thorough job of ripping apart the social media industry and laying out what should be done to make it succeed.

The Social Business by Jeremy Palmer

This is one of the best books on affiliate marketing books out there. It is an excellent introduction to online business and what can be done to make it successful. Author Jeremy Palmer provides some excellent information on creating your own website, how to build traffic to it, and how to turn those visitors into buyers. It’s a complete guide to running an online business. Everything you need to know about building a profitable online business is covered in this comprehensive guide.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

This is one of those “classics” that everyone knows about. It’s actually one of the best books on affiliate marketing books available and is highly recommended. author Kyle, Carson, and Stephanie Dyson have done a fantastic job of covering all of the basics you need to know. They provide clear, easy to understand instruction that beginners and even intermediate marketers can follow. Amazon’s star rated affiliate marketing book is an excellent read for anyone who has just started online or for anyone who has been involved in affiliate marketing for a while and wants to take their learning to the next level.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

This is the “Bible” for affiliate marketing and has hundreds of thousands of reviews. It’s written by two of the leading experts in the field, Amy Bass and Kyle, who are also the head authors for Wealthy Affiliate. This complete guide is an excellent introduction to affiliate marketing for beginners as well as a very thorough and in depth look at how the industry works today. You will learn everything from how to find niches that pay well to how to set up campaigns that bring in massive amounts of traffic.

ClickBank Passive Income

This is another great “how to book” that is extremely helpful to a beginner and then for the more experienced marketers. It provides a good overall overview of affiliate marketing as well as giving tons of tips and strategies that will help you start generating passive income today. The best books on internet marketing should be written by experts and this one certainly meets that criterion.


Commission Junction is a must have for any affiliate marketing newbie. They have an awesome tutorial section that is broken down into a variety of topics to help you get started. In the tutorial section they give you an inside look at the industry and how things really work today. If you are a beginner looking to boost your skills then this is one of the best books you can buy. The price is reasonable, the check price is great and if you follow the techniques outlined in this course you will be well on your way to generating a passive income that will continue to pay you month after month.

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