A Beginners Guide to Video Games

the beginners guide

The Beginners Guide is an engaging interactive storytelling video game developed by Davey Wreden in the studio named Everything Unlimited Inc. The game has been released for Microsoft Windows, OS X & Linux on October 1st, 2021. It is a casual browser game, in which the player takes the role of a YouTube sensation named Mike who is trying to save his website from being shut down due to copyright infringement. A mysterious thief called “Kasumi” posts numerous videos on YouTube that are stolen directly from him. Mike must save the website from shutdown by finding all of the other video files that he posted.

Although the game utilizes a story, it does not follow any particular narrative. Instead, the story is told through the narrator. The game developer used the Free Game Maker platform to create the in-depth character dialogues and narration, which make the player feel as if they are not just watching the story being told, but interacting with the characters themselves. The narrator also utilizes voice clips that further heighten the player’s involvement in the game’s plot. This makes the game more engrossing and ultimately more enjoyable to play.

An Overview

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One of the unique video games being produced by the game development studio is the Stanley Parable, which has earned a lot of popularity since its release. As the name implies, the player can manipulate one of the four main characters in the game: Stan, Duster, Stinky or Lexy. Each character has different attributes and uses special power ups which are only available after acquiring certain upgrades. Although it is possible to control every character in the game, it takes significant time and effort to master each character’s moves, abilities and weapons. Many players have found this feature to be very addictive, leading to the continuous play of the online game for hours on end.

To top it all off, the online version of the Stanley Parable has several unique and engaging features. For example, the interactive storytelling video game allows the players to choose between several different endings based on the actions taken during the game’s course. Some endings can result in different game scenarios, while others will be quite different depending on the decisions made by the players. In addition to this, the game allows the player to change their appearance according to the style preferred by the character they have been controlling throughout the game. All these factors, plus many more, have contributed to the popularity of the Stanley parable online.

While the online version does not feature the same elaborate storyline, the story is no less enthralling. The online version narrates each of the four episodes in a highly thrilling manner. Most players have found the pace of the online story to be much more captivating than that of the actual episode. The narrative features a number of well developed and original game concepts. These include concepts such as the different strains of depression, the different struggles encountered by the narrator, the different stages of the game, the exploration of the alternate worlds visited by the narrator throughout the course of the game, and the mystery surrounding the main character of the game, namely, Stanley Parable.

A Guide to Video Games

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The writers of the Stanley Parable were very aware of the need to create a highly likable character. Therefore, the author’s first attempt at creating a likable narrator did not prove to be a success. The beta version of the video games failed to attract a large number of players and the Stanley Paradox, as the name of the game was soon to be known, was eventually abandoned. However, when the same game was later re-released under the title “Coda”, things took a turn for the better.

The second chapter of the game development saw the introduction of the game concepts with which the fans of the Stanley Paradox were more accustomed. The game began to provide a sense of realism for the players. The narrator continued to describe the happenings in the game world, and the subsequent events made the players feel that they were part of the action depicted in the video games. The story line was further developed with the release of the third chapter, wherein the players got to experience the trials and tribulations faced by the protagonist, Stanley. This chapter focused on the theme of redemption. As the game developers had planned, Stanley was given the opportunity to redeem himself by leading his crew to the island, where he met his old friend, Cuey.

The game development process was continuous and interesting, as the game designers were striving to improve the quality of the graphics and the audio tracks. As the game got near completion, the game players were introduced to the concept of multiplayer gaming. With this, players were to take turns to fight with each other, and their objective was to overcome the enemies and save the island. Multiplayer games became popular with the help of the Beginners Guide to Video Games, released in May, 2021. In fact, the game has attained great success ever since its release.

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