6 Common Reasons To Utilize A Content Marketing Platform

content marketing platform

Basically, a content marketing platform or channel is a suite of services designed to aid you in achieving your content marketing objectives. A typical content marketing platform may include:

Tools to assist you and your team

Tools to assist you and your team create and manage content on your channel. This includes tools to assist you in collecting, storing and analyzing data that pertains to your customer base, such as number of visits, engagement and the like. You may also find tools that aid in the segmentation, such as geography, behavior and other relevant demographics. These capabilities can prove very helpful when it comes to creating campaigns that target right communities and are likely to turn out more profitable.

An analytics platform. The best platforms by far are in house programs developed by companies with a solid SEO and content marketing track record. Such a platform would provide you with the ability to access and analyze your analytics data in real-time from any internet connection, making your reports and analytics even more pertinent to your current efforts. A well-designed analytics program lets you conduct proper and periodic SEO analysis, segmentation and targeting for your website. Some of these programs even have reporting capability built-in.

Seo Marketing Automation.

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Content marketers often find themselves spinning their wheels, trying to come up with ideas for content marketing that gets great results. Search engine optimization is no different. With an SEO marketing automation software solution, you can automate the process, making things easier on you and your team members. Rather than having to jot down ideas and bring them up during group discussions, with this software solution, you can let the software do all the work.

Domain centric approach. Most content marketing platforms are domain centric, providing marketers with a clear understanding of their own and their client’s individual business objectives. However, if you have a large amount of data that you’d like to analyze and understand better, it can be difficult to manually filter through it to find relevant information. A good platform will allow you to easily identify each of your domain’s keywords and subtopics.


Content marketing platforms usually come as both desktop and online services, giving businesses a wide range of options when it comes to implementation. These software solutions usually provide the necessary functionality for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively grow their businesses. Scalability is crucial to this type of strategy, as fast-paced changes in technology and business models often require fast adjustments to your marketing platforms and other systems. For example, content marketing organizations often face difficulty when their businesses grow too quickly, as some of the strategies and tools used to monitor and track customer behavior become unsuitable and outdated.

Bottom Lines

Segmentation and reporting. Content platforms provide a great deal of insight into customer behavior and buying habits by segmenting consumers according to factors such as age, gender, geographic location, and more. They also allow you to make sense of all of the information they present, such as which adverts generated the most responses or which landing pages let users perform a variety of actions. Marketers who use such segmentation and reporting capabilities to optimize their online campaigns will reap the financial rewards and achieve greater organizational efficiency.

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