5 Best Free Tools For SEO Analysis Of Your Website

best tools for SEO analysis

SEO is an important aspect to consider to ensure the growth of your website. While most of the business seek help from experts, many of the small business owners try to do it on their own. SEO is not gardening; you cannot water it once and leave for months. But you need to take care of the plant, see that it gets proper sunlight and nutrition. No matter what all efforts you have made to optimize your website, SEO analysis is always necessary to decide the next best strategy. While you would not want to spend so much on it, using some relevant, free SEO tools for analysis would be a great idea.

Best Free SEO Analysis Tools

Here are the best free tools you can use to analyze the performance and growth of your website.

1. Google Analytics

For any online marketer, Google Analytics is one of the most important SEO tools. Your website can hardly survive without its use. You should start using Google Analytics as soon as possible if you had been ignoring it till now. It offers detailed and high-quality information for your concern, and there’s no other tool that can match its level. In the present era, it is the most important tool to work along. Using Google Analytics, you can get the best insights regarding website traffic, visitors, and others.

SEO analysis tools
Free SEO analysis with Google

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is as important as Google Analytics. As an online marketer, there would be many instances to use this one. With its major focus on search and optimization, this tool works much better than a webmaster. Just a glance at the dashboard will give you the best insights. It makes data accessible and analysis easier. It’s definitely one of the most important SEO tools you need.

3. Ubersuggest

If you had been looking for an all-in-one SEO tool, this is it. Ubersuggest will help you mast SEO and grow. It lets you watch out and observe your competitors and adjust your strategies accordingly to make the most out of the gaps and missed out on things. This tool is user-friendly; therefore, you won’t be muddled up while using it.

4. MozBar

While SEO is all about knowing the right things at the right time, MozBar is a great tool for you. You can catch up with all the important stuff at a single glance using MozBar. It lets you generate instant reports regarding your competitors, visitors, traffic, and more. However, subscribing to it will let you use more features.

Free tools for SEO analysis
SEO analysis report

5. SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

Using this analysis tool, you can plug in any website to generate its SEO report. It also offers background information for data and saves you a lot of time. You can depend on it for a quick detailed report. However, there are times when this report seems to be too much. The ones who are still learning the tricks can choose this one.

Final Thoughts

While you may think that only paid tools give relevant results, the industry has various free tools for SEO analysis that are way more reliable. If you have the right knowledge of things and make the optimum use of them, these tools can help you a lot to improve strategies and get better results.

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